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Ancient Astrology

Ancient Astrological Length Of Life Techniques Vs The Average Longevity In The Modern World

Antiochus Of Athens

The Tesaurus

Claudius Ptolemy

Tetrabiblos Book I

Claudius Ptolemy

The Fixed Stars

Dorotheus Orpheus Anubio Pseudo-valens

Teachings On Transits

Demetra George

Hellenistic Time Lord Procedures

Hephaistio Of Thebes

Apotelesmatics Book I

Hephaistio Of Thebes

Apotelesmatics Book II

Robert Schmidt
House Division Planetary Strength And Cusps In Hellenistic Astrology
John Frawley
Sports Astrology
Ancient Astrology
The Astrological Record Of The Early Sages In Greek
Vettius Vallens

Book I

Vettius Vallens

Book II

Vettius Vallens

Book III

Vettius Vallens

Book IV

William Lilly
Christian Astrology Liber III (on nativities)