Little Lillibet Diana, the daughter of Harry and Meghan, has been born. Let’s take a general look at her birth from an astrological standpoint.


Little Lillibet Diana was born when the royal sign of Leo was rising on the horizon: a fixed, summery, solid and stable sign, spirited and prone to anger, lean, inflexible, upright, liberal and commanding. The Leo ascendant has always been seen as a sign in which royalty, fortitude and physical strength ascend. Vettius Valens identifies it with the name IMPERIOSUM, specifically to characterise its regal, proud and authoritative nature. Indeed, we find the house of the Sun in this sign.

In the sign of Leo, we can thus trace the 4 characters typical of the summer heart, namely DIAPYRON PYRODES THERMON THERINON (red-hot, flaming, warm, summery). Those born when the sign of Leo rises on the horizon are therefore regal, voracious, dominant, ambitious and proud, eager to live and to be noticed, impatient, full of life, optimistic, and eager for notoriety and fame.

According to the medieval calculations, all this is peppered with a choleric temperament, but the moist and dry properties nonetheless balance out. We therefore have a temperament that markedly confirms the summery nature of the ascendant, but with a good component of moistness that helps and facilitates in alleviating certain tension-related aspects of the choleric.

The Five Stars are all visible, with the exception of Mercury, which is retrograde and in the west. Venus and Mars are also in the west. Jupiter and Saturn, meanwhile, are in the east with respect to the Sun. Mercury – invisible and retrograde – is in a bicorporeal sign, while the Moon is in a cardinal sign and the ruler of the ascendant is in a bicorporeal sign: her intelligence and mental disposition tend towards open-mindedness and pride, with a good dose of willpower that is uncompromising yet flexible and adaptable.

The native will be oriented towards the nature of JUPITER because Jupiter is Almuten of the Geniture, in a nice angular domicile, with a trine aspect in mundo to Venus, with Venus in the house of the Moon and Jupiter in the house of itself. She will be interested in interactions with others, cultural travels and higher knowledge, and will have an artistic profile in life, with frequent opportunities to grace the stages of the theatre, television or cinema.

Lucas Gauricus confirms that when a child is born under Leo (ascendant), the native will be a great, proud, dominant and daring person. Moreover, the Part of Fortune is in Gemini, in the term of Saturn and in the decan of the Sun; its dispositor is Mercury. Gauricus also tells us that when the Part of Fortune is administered by Mercury, the fortunes of the native will be granted by virtue of his or her own intellectual, mental and creative virtues.
Mercury is also in its domicile and acquires good accidental power. However, it is retrograde and invisible, so the native will tend to change her mind frequently and will not always be so convinced of her opinions or judgements of things. Her analyticity is therefore bicorporeal and changeable, which is not necessarily negative. In fact, it should be noted that the Sun does not form dissonant aspects with the malefics.

The Sun and Saturn are in trine: the Anonymous says that this aspect boosts life prospects with a good name and offers the native illustrious offices, especially when the two are in masculine signs and in a diurnal geniture, as in this case. Furthermore, the trine appears in a human sign, which suggests very dignified roles and great fame and authority in the world, especially considering the social importance of the family into which the child was born. Since the Sun in a diurnal chart is the natural signifier of the Father, the trine Sun-Saturn aspect also highlights the condition of the father who, to quote the Anonymous again, is ‘illustrious’.

Lillibet and the fixed stars on the midheaven.
With respect to the midheaven, the Pleiades have more rights in terms of hourly distance, since they are closer to the cusp. The star Aldebaran is very close to the Sun of the native, and the Pleiades near the midheaven concomitant with the presence of the Sun make the natives military captains, commanders, mounted colonels or emperors: in other words, bold, regal, haughty and proud. Aldebaran with the Sun makes for military eminence, honour, intelligence, eloquence, steadfastness, integrity, popularity and courage, but also ferocity, as well as public honours.

The star Regulus was rising on the horizon. The Fixed Star Regulus is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia. Referred to as a kingmaker, it carries a majestic energy of bestowing a royal quality to those born under it’s rays bestows. With this point in the chart, the individual’s personality is larger than life, commanding, independent, outspoken, or arrogant. They can be honor oriented and have a lifestyle personified by courage, fame, royalty, and leadership. While it also represents fame and success, the star’s magnificence reminds us that fame and money don’t always bring happiness.

Welcome, Lillibet. And congratulations to Harry and Meghan.


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