Since the Ascendant is in a bicorporeal sign, the year 2022 for Russia (beginning in March 2022 at the Sun’s entry into Aries, and ending at the next entry of the Sun into Aries in 2023) will have two parts. The first part of the year will be represented by the Sun’s entry into Aries and will tell us about the spring and summer seasons. Then the second part, which will be represented by the Sun’s entry into Libra 2022, will cover the last two seasons, autumn and winter.



The Sun at its entry is at the Occasus, and communicates with the Ascendant, the Sun is setting and by analogy the King is setting (since the Sun is the natural significator of the King). The accidental significator of the one who has power (Putin) is Mercury in detriment and falling into abject declivity (6th House), indicating precisely Putin’s detriment (i.e. his difficulties and isolation) and Putin’s fall (a situation of diminished consensus in Russian public opinion) since Mercury is also ruler of the Ascendant and accidental significator of the opinion of his people. The Moon rules the King’s allies, hence Putin’s magic circle, and it is a Moon that runs wild and does not apply to anything in the sign in which it is located, seeming almost to want to confirm the possible unwillingness of Putin’s allies or supporters to follow him totally in his intentions. Mercury meets Jupiter, the accidental significator of those in power in Russia meets Jupiter, ruler of the 7th house (known enemies or rivals). Perhaps agreements are on the way with known enemies during these two seasons, agreements and pacts that will nevertheless yield an utterly destroyed figure of Putin, compared to his previous authority and authoritativeness. According to these celestial images, Putin would appear to have totally lost his charisma and collective consensus: this is due to two astronomical and astrological reasons; the first because Mercury accidental significator of those in power (Mercury) is in detriment and falling; the second because it is in a cadent place, a place of crumbling decline (decrease and diminishment of power and strength). Let us also add to this the King’s natural significator, which is always the Sun, which is setting on the horizon.

The chart of the Sun’s entry into Aries seems to speak to us of a moment of extreme difficulty for Putin that we will come to appreciate in the spring and summer seasons, where the essential and accidental strength of the significator of those in power is in marked decline and in a decisive phase of weakness and reduced capacity for authority and authoritativeness.Russia is experiencing a momentous “historical sunset”, which involves Putin and the very future of Russia. Lord of the Year for the spring and summer season of 2022 is Saturn because, in the succedent place and ruler of the house in which it is located, we note the siege of Venus and the applying conjunction of Mars and Saturn that does not favour the possibility of indicating relaxation but rather points to an extremely difficult and tough period for Russia that we will come to understand better in the two upcoming seasons (spring and summer 2022). Lord of the hour is Saturn on the day of the Sun: depletion of substances related to the Sun and of all that the Sun accidentally and naturally signifies.

It is worth noting that Guido Bonatti reports that particular attention should be paid to the Mars-Saturn conjunction in the case of an entrance of the Sun into Aries, because this will signify difficulties, impediments, a moment of burden or responsibility with respect to inherited things. He adds, quoting Albumasar, that “it will be war if Mars in the house of Saturn moves towards the encounter with Saturn”, especially if the aspect is by body or conjunction. He adds that “if Mars does not separate from Jupiter, the war will be waged by a person unworthy of his reign, or lacking in considerable dignity”.

Add to this the fact that this conjunction takes place in the triplicity of air signs, in the sign of Aquarius, the same sign in which the Jupiter-Saturn median conjunction of December 2020 took place and which marked the change in the triplicity of future conjunctions, highlighting an ongoing change during the twenty-year period (2020–2040) with respect to societies, power, politics, international rules and the balance between nations. The median conjunction took place between Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius, which in Ptolemaic chorography belongs to the very area of Russia from which the military invasion that is preoccupying the whole of Europe and the entire world began. To Jupiter-Saturn was applied, in 2020, Mars in Aries (in quadrature aspect); Jupiter-Saturn was applied to Uranus in Taurus (in quadrature aspect). Especially for Mars, transiting in Aries activated the fiery triplicity connected precisely to Europe in the Ptolemaic chorography, and by extension, also to Central America.


CONCLUSIONS – In the first part of the spring and summer of 2022, for Russia there emerged a precarious condition of power, and of those who hold it. The King’s Part, according to Al-Biruni’s formula, is at the 18th degree of Gemini, in the confines and decan of Mars, communicating with its dispositor Mercury in detriment-fallen and in a cadent house, as cadent is the position of fate, further corroborating this indication referring to Putin’s “loss” of prestige and authority. We shall come to understand how he will lose this prestige in the course of these two seasons, but it may be connected with a considerable loss of internal support, a betrayal by his subordinates, but it is also evident that it may relate to a decrease in prestige and good judgement by foreign powers, where fortune is in the 9th house. As far as the FIXED STARS are concerned, Arcturus is in conjunction with the Ascendant and is preparing to rise (an inexorable and impartial star of the nature of Mars which colours the atmosphere of Martial Law or military activities inside/outside the nation), Betelgeuse is perfectly aligned with the cusp of the tenth house (a muscle of reddish and shining light which activates the unsheathing of Orion’s sword), all of which sends us back to inflamed atmospheres but also a precise consideration regarding Putin’s position: Is a new Tsar of Russia about to emerge, or rather is the end of his reign in sight? You can draw your own conclusions.


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