Already in 2022, with the Sun entering Aries, the position of the Sun (the natural signifier of the King) on the horizon line, specifically at sunset, where things fade away, was noticed. Already at that time, there was talk of Putin’s decline.

That Putin’s decline has occurred is not in question. In fact, since the declaration of war, Putin has been increasingly criticized and discredited by the international community, to the point of being completely isolated from much of the world (especially Europe and the USA).

The chart of the Sun’s entry into Aries in 2022 (which medieval Arab authors consider significant for the governance and affairs of the King) indicated a decline in Putin’s power – and it signifies the decline of his charisma.

However, this decline did not bring about the end of his power or his rule during the Sun’s entry into Aries in 2022 (March 2022 to March 2023). In the Sun’s entry into Aries in 2022, the Sun was positioned precisely on the Descendant line, the place of sunset.

With the Sun’s entry into Aries in 2023, again in the skies of Moscow, it is noted that the Sun for this entry reaches another strategic point, that of the Fourth House.

The degree of the Imum Coeli represents the the definitive conclusion of something. As the Sun is the signifier of the King, it could signify the next definitive decline of Putin’s reign with the end of his term. How it will end is not known: however, we notice that the Lot of the Sultan (according to the formula of Al-Biruni) is conjunct Saturn, a position that is not favorable as it indicates harm to the King. Furthermore, we note that the Lot of the Sultan is in the sign of Pisces, which is the “adversity” and “depression” of Mercury, and Mercury is the ruler of the Tenth House, therefore a second signifier of the King.

The Sun’s entry into Aries in 2023 is also characterized by a New Moon, a position that is not at all fortunate or joyful for collective matters. Additionally, the Moon forms an applying square aspect to Mars. In matters of world astrology, this aspect signifies ruin, violent events, unpopularity, and since Mars is in the VIII House, it can indicate events of death (indeed, observing the mutual reception of Mars and Mercury). Furthermore, as Mars is in Gemini, it also has significance for Putin, as Mars is ruled by Mercury, the ruler of the Tenth House and a signifier of power (alongside the Sun).

We may perhaps be facing a very delicate moment for the Kremlin and an important turning point to pay attention to.

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